2018. Finalist in the Brisbane Institute of Art’s ‘Milburn Prize’ exhibition with my painting (acrylic on canvas), ‘Looking across Albion at Sunset’.

2017. ‘(Sub)Urban) Tensions’ exhibited in ‘EveryWhere World’ with Donna Wright and Katrin Terton. In this series of works—influenced by Jung’s writings about art, aesthetics and expression of the soul, and by David Hockney’s playful attitudes to art-making—Donna continues her concerns about personal identity by exploring the tensions between her internal world and her urban environment. Woolloongabba Art Gallery, WAG Upstairs, Brisbane, 27 June-8 July 2017.

2016. ‘The 5 FIVE Show: Queensland Artists Thinking 2016’, Vesna Klacar-Nedimovic, Donna McDonald, Jennifer Brasher, Georgi, Anna Gonzalez, Logan West Library. Logan, Queensland. March-April 2016. ‘Talking back to Diane Arbus’. Mixed media: Print and ink drawings. This series reflects Donna McDonald’s concerns about the personal identity and socio-political implications of the visual arts representations of people with disability.

2016. ‘The 4+1 Show: Queensland Artists Exploring’, Vesna Klacar-Nedimovic, Donna McDonald, Jennifer Brasher, Georgi. Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane. July 2016. ‘Talking back to Diane Arbus’. Mixed media: Print and ink drawings. This series reflects Donna McDonald’s concerns about the personal identity and socio-political implications of the visual arts representations of people with disability.

Publications: Books

McDonald, D. (2014) The Art of Being Deaf: a memoir. Washington DC: Gallaudet University Press. This extended memoir of Dr McDonald’s deaf life—submitted for her PhD and a rare Australian ‘voice’ in deaf narratives—was commended by American disability & deaf studies scholar, Brenda Jo Brueggemann, as ground-breaking as it is one of the few narratives about the life of an ‘oral-deaf’ person.  Dr McDonald was a guest on ABC Radio’s The Conversation Hour with Richard Fidler (August 2007) while researching and writing her memoir.

McDonald, D.  (1991) Jack’s Story. North Sydney: Allen & Unwin, An extract from this memoir of a mother’s loss, grief and survival was published in The Australian Women’s Weekly (September 1991) and The New Idea (September 1991)

Book chapters and essays

McDonald, D. (9 September 2014) ‘Memoir as Protest’ in Australian Women Writers. http://australianwomenwriters.com/2014/09/focus-on-australian-women-writers-with-disability-guest-post-by-donna-mcdonald/

McDonald, D. (2014). Practitioner contribution on ethical professional writing for Interprofessional Ethics: Collaboration in the Social, Health and Human Services by Donna McAuliffe.

McDonald, D. (2013). When Time Stops: The Courage for Joy. Book chapter; Complicated Grief, edited by Eric D Miller and published by the National Association of Social Workers, USA. Dr McDonald was invited to write this personal account of bereavement which contests emerging perspectives in the psychiatry profession that “complicated grief” is a mental illness.

McDonald, D. (2012). Stories as Mirrors: Deaf Heroes and Heroines. Book chapter in Deaf Epistemologies: Multiple perspectives on the acquisition of knowledge. Peter V. Paul and Donald F. Moores, Editors. Gallaudet University Press. Dr McDonald was invited to submit this chapter in which she argues the benefits of including narratives with deaf characters in educational curricula as a tool for aiding identity development and promoting social diversity

McDonald, D. (2011). The Reluctant Memoirist. Griffith Review. 34. On-line. Dr McDonald was invited to discuss the themes of her essay as a guest panellist in a session “Catharsis: the narrative of trauma” at the Brisbane Writers Festival, September 2011.

McDonald, D. (2009). The Silence of Sounds. Book chapter in Literature and Sensation. Eds. Uhlmann, Anthony, Helen Groth, Paul Sheehan, Stephen McLaren, 173-183. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. In this chapter—published alongside a chapter by Nobel Prize winning author, J.M.Coetzee—Donna McDonald uses examples from literary fiction to show how deafness can be understood as an alternative sensory experience, not merely a lack of hearing.

McDonald, D. (2007). I Hear With My Eyes in A Revealed Life. Australian Writers and Their Journeys in Memoir. Ed. Julianne Schulz. Sydney: ABC Books and Griffith Review. P.32-45. This essay about Donna McDonald’s deaf girlhood is one of forty stories selected for this anthology of Australian writing (alongside award winning writers such as David Malouf) from the hundreds published in Griffith Review between its inception in 2003 and 2006.

McDonald, D. (2006). I Hear With My Eyes. Griffith Review.11 (Autumn 2006) 225-240. This essay about Dr McDonald’s deaf girlhood was subsequently selected for inclusion in an anthology of memoirs, A Revealed Life. Australian Writers and Their Journeys in Memoir (2007).

Journal articles and reviews

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McDonald, D. (2010). Not Silent, Invisible: Literature’s Chance Encounters with Deaf Heroes and Heroines. American Annals of the Deaf, 154.5 (Winter 2010): 463-470. Dr McDonald argues for the inclusion of deaf narratives—memoirs and fiction—in educational curricula as a tool for aiding identity development. She was invited to write an extended book chapter based on this essay.

McDonald, Donna and Elizabeth Ferrier Eds. (2010). M/C Journal-deaf 13.3 http://journal.media-culture.org.au/ Dr McDonald was invited to guest-edit this innovative edition of essays and articles by deaf people who explore and report upon their competing experiences of deafness.

McDonald, D. and E. Ferrier. (2010). A deaf knowingness. M/C Journal of Media and Culture, 13 3: Online. In their editorial, Drs McDonald and Ferrier raise questions about deaf epistemologies.

McDonald, D. (2008).  Shattering the Hearing Wall. M/C Journal-able. 11. 3 http://journal.media-culture.org.au/ Following this personal account of her attempt to understand the impact of her deafness upon her life, Dr McDonald was invited to guest-edit an innovative edition of essays and articles by deaf people (M/C Journal-deaf 13.3 (2010))

Recent Reports

McDonald, D., Zeeman, H., Lakhani, A., Armstrong, R., Beaumont, E. (2016). NDIS Readiness Report. Endeavour Foundation Griffith University Research Partnership. Brisbane, Qld. Australia.

McDonald, D. & O’Callaghan, K. (2015) Developing synergies between the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Victorian Government school system. An internal report commissioned by the Program for Students with Disabilities Review Unit, Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australia.

On-Line Journals & Media

McDonald, D. (2014).  ‘Memoir as Protest.’  Australian Women Writers Challenge. Web. 9 September 2014. http://australianwomenwriters.com/2014/09/09/focus-on-australian-women-writers-with-disability-guest-post-by-donna-mcdonald/

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Medical Humanities Journal, Journal of Loss and Trauma, American Annals of the Deaf, Social Alternatives and others.