Experimenting with lino-cut drawing in colour, paper and text
Lino Print on quality paper
Eco Beach Girl: The green is nicer in real life. It’s really really green!
Lino Print with Gold paste
Sun Clouds over Beach Girl: Experimenting here with gold ink: I can’t decide whether this is sunny or stormy. Doesn’t really matter … make of it what you will.
Lino Print
Sky Beach Girl:NIce, but I wish I hadn’t smudged the blue. Dang!
Lino Print with text from Chinese poem about a boy dying at sea
Red Beach Girl – Hidden Danger: The Chinese poem is Very Dark! Grim! But I like the sinister contrast between the hidden text and the innocent image.
Reverse Lino Print
Memory of Beach Girl: This one is the result of a random error. I was experimenting with different papers. I printed the image onto a slippery sort of tracing paper. Nice effect but the ink just sat there. So, I flipped the print over onto a nice heavy fabricky sort of paper, and ‘lo! got this lovely smokey, peering through a fog effect. I like it.
Lino Print with gold paste
Sun Clouds over Beach Girl close up
Beach Girl – Variations on a Theme