Tired of mess-making with that willow charcoal?

Bored with various shades of black?

Desperate to play with colours while still attending to the challenge of learning to draw?

Then discover the joy of lino-cut print-making!

Blue Dream_lino
Blue Dream: printed on brown wrapping paper
Dark dream_linocut
Black Dream: printed on page of poetry

I’ve just spent a couple of Saturday-morning hours fooling around with colours and discovering the delights of re-printing a draft drawing of a dream I had earlier this week. I used different papers (including brown wrapping paper, cartridge paper, and pages from a poetry book), colours and colour-mixing techniques. I will keep revising the drawing; I want to define and redefine more details. But for now, here are some results:

Golden dream_linoct
Golden Dream: printed on page of poetry… you can see words such as “dream” and “forest” peering through the colours.
Learning to draw through the joy of lino-cut print-making